Kabbalah symbols and the meaning of Kabbalah

Kabbalah symbols and the meaning of Kabbalah

Kabbalah symbols – What is Kabbalah?

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The term Kabbalah (Kabbala, Qabbala) comes from Hebrew and means “to receive.” It is derived from “transmission, acceptance and forwarding.” In the Kabbalistic view, all that God has created in the universe, he also created in man. This results in a worldview of the reciprocal correspondences of top and bottom. Here the basic kabbalistic idea of micro- and macrocosmos, which are depicted in the kabbalistic Tree of Life, becomes clear. The entire “lower” world has thus been modelled on the “upper” and every human being is a universe in miniature form.

Kabbalah is an ancient model of wisdom that gives us fundamental answers to the questions of life, such as who am I, where do I come from or where am I going. The goal is to better understand life and recognize our nature. The maturity of our consciousness determines our questions. The question is that we are being led to a solution. Kabbalah is often associated with Judaism. On this website we deal with Kabbalah from the point of view of the western mystery covenants. This form of Kabbalah is taught to both women and men.

The entire creation is contained in the Tree of Life and depicts the human consciousness as a whole. Archetypically, this is Adam Kadmon, the universal human. It contains everything, good and evil, because there must be polarities in life in order to experience evolution. Seen as a whole, the Tree of Life represents the image of the divine, or in other words, how the divine reveals itself through man. Whoever uses his personality to express the divine is no longer subject to the aspects of personality.

Study of Kabbalah

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Learning Kabbalah is not only a theoretical but also an especially practical experience. It is a way of correcting our souls to get back to wholeness. For ages there has been the knowledge of how man can find his way back to his original purpose. After man fell out of unity, the archangel Raziel gave him guidance, in the form of the Kabbalah, in order to return to paradise.

The Tree of Life can also be described as a cosmic diagram that reveals the laws of life. It is important and useful to deal with the individual aspects of the 10 Sephiroth and their connections, so that we are guided in our consciousness. The 22 connecting paths correspond to the 22 Hebrew letters and, together with the 10 Sephiroth, they represent certain forces and forms of expression and wisdom.

Dr. Elias Rubenstein has created a detailed, in-depth description of Kabbalah from the perspective of western mystery schools in his book “The Tree of Life – Kabbalah of Immortality”.

Lecture by Dr. Eias Rubenstein: The Power of Rituals (Translation from German)

Learning and understanding Kabbalah is not a mystery. The Kabbalah can be studied specifically in a mystery school that teaches the Kabbalah. The Hermetic Academy is one of the keepers of the western tradition of Kabbalah. Unlike Jewish Kabbalah, the Hermetic Academy teaches a way of Kabbalah for Western people, free of religious dogma. The Hermetic Academy offers a comprehensive education in Kabbalah. Events are regularly held in Vienna, Graz, Cologne, Munich, Bonn and Berlin.

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