Study the Kabbalah

Study the Kabbalah

The Ten Sephiroth (Spheres) of the Tree of Life of Kabbalah

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Kabbalah preserves the hidden keys to the secret teachings of the universe and the soul. Kabbalah teachings explain the connections between the material and spiritual universes as well as the connection between the physical and metaphysical nature of all mankind.

Since it is an inner reception of higher knowledge, the true Kabbalah cannot be found in books and or be taught in public seminars. Kabbalah has been passed on from mouth to ear in authentic mystery schools for thousands of years. The tools of Kabbalah would do more harm than good to an unprepared person. The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended solely to serve humanity. It is a map that helps people to reach their innermost core and highest point through the labyrinth.

However, at the beginning it makes sense and is necessary to deal with what is visible and readable—in other words, the “outside” of the Kabbalah—because it is a first step to prepare oneself practically for receiving. The revealed symbols of Kabbalah represent a verified training system that gradually makes it possible to move from external to internal teachings.

Kabbala Symbol Dr. Elias Rubenstein
Kabbalah symbol of the Sephiroth – Dr. Elias Rubenstein

The 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life 

Sephiroth is a Chaldean word translated as “emanations,” which in turn can be described as the gradual outpouring of all that exists from the one highest divine, the primal one—something that emerges from a higher source.

1. Kether Crown The consciousness of the wonderful
2. Chokmah Wisdom The consciousness of enlightenment
3. Binah Understanding The consciousness of holiness
4. Chesed Mercifulness The consciousness of receiving
5. Geburah Force The consciousness of the root
6. Tiphareth Beauty The consciousness of mediation
7. Netzach Victory The consciousness of secrecy
8. Hod Glory The consciousness of perfection
9. Yesod Foundation The consciousness of purity
10. Malkuth Kingdom The consciousness of shine

These 10 Sephiroth correspond to the first 10 power centers in the tree of life of the Kabbalah. The more a person develops spiritually, the higher he consciously rises up one energy field after the other. This increases his ability to receive spiritual light. Thus the Sephiroth mark the ladder of Jacob, which leads man into the kingdom of heaven. At each initiation, man ascends the ladder of heaven and thus approaches the divine.

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