Chokmah – The Consciousness of Enlightenment

Chokmah – The Consciousness of Enlightenment

Chokmah Kabbala Sternenhimmel2nd Sephirah Chokmah – Wisdom – The Consciousness of Enlightenment

Chokmah means divine wisdom and embodies the comprehensive wisdom and fullness of God with which He nourishes, breathes into and fulfills all living things. This vital energy flows through every mineral, every stone, every plant, every animal, every human being. Everything is enlivened by this one power. Chokmah is the one infinite, unlimited wisdom that transcends all human reason, which manifests itself to us as holy breath or as divine grace in our hearts. This Sephirah is associated with the planet Uranus.

Chokmah reflects the original will for good and is at the same time the potential power. She is male and projecting in relation to Binah. Western man tends towards a destructive attitude towards the cosmic father principle. It is necessary to cultivate a positive attitude towards father and mother, which in turn is connected with the proper view of giving and taking. The primary task of the human being is to consciously integrate the principle of giving. The Cosmic Father has given the Son an empire to administer. But if the son is immature, he can only administer his father’s land immaturely. This also includes understanding the commandment of the tithe.

By giving the tenth of what he receives, man transforms from creature to creator. He learns to give freely and at the same time cultivates his virtues.

Due to his great ignorance, man believes that he can freely choose something, that he can assert his own will, that cosmic laws do not apply to him, that he does not have to submit to any hierarchy without consequences. He has the feeling of free will, but this is only the shadow of a greater will. Jesus consciously lived the will of his Father. The grace we experience is not an act of lawless coincidence, but rather an expression of God’s omnipresence, which, however, is always given to our life and soul only by comprehensive justice and inner law. The grace we experience is never an act of superhuman randomness, but always destiny or merit. The grace of God can be experienced when we are conscious in our lives in God, expressing His order and law, His love and His light.

Illness is a sign that something is wrong somewhere in our lives. All suffering and destiny contains a spark of mercy, a chance to recognize what it is all about.

Law and grace are only two sides, two forms of experience of the one truth and His unchangeable being. If we live in God and in harmony with the comprehensive sound of life, we experience Him as grace, as an unlimited abundance of wisdom, love and mercy, but if we turn against Him and our own being, He reveals Himself as law. And as such He demands His consequence. That is why Psalm 18:27 says: “You are holy with the saints, you are wrong with the wrong-doers.”

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