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Kabbalah symbol: The Tree of Life – Dr. Elias Rubenstein

The Tree of Life – Kabbalah of Immortality
From the introduction (reading sample) from the book by Dr. Elias Rubenstein

There are numerous possibilities to deal with the meaning of life. Kabbalah is one of the most wonderful and mysterious, having been taught for thousands of years, always in small circles of wisdom-seeking students.

Every mystical teaching that gives man more light and hope achieves a good work. For a some years esotericism has been experiencing an apparent mass rush in some countries and has even been filling the tabloid press in the form of a social trend. But the Kabbalah is a well-founded and verifiable teaching, far from any popular intentions or so-called esoteric zeitgeist. Although it is often attributed to Jewish sources, the knowledge at stake here is ancient—and a heritage of all mankind.

Kabbalistic teachings are also incorporated into the teachings of the New Testament of the Bible and into mystical writings, which are also available in Greek and Latin translations. Kabbalah lifts the code of the Bible and shows a way to realize the destiny presented. In orthodox circles there is often the opinion that Kabbalah should only be accessible to a certain group of people, dependent upon their religious origin. This rigid worldview is based on ignorance. The inner teachings of Kabbalah, which find their culmination in the hermetic Kabbalah, remain a secret doctrine today as in the past.

Even the attempt to make parts of Kabbalah publicly accessible is based on the incomprehension and naivety of some so-called teachers. Sooner or later they are exposed as charlatans. The secret doctrine itself can only be passed on practically through the initiatory path. The means are secret—even authorized guardians are strictly forbidden to lift the veils that protect the inner sanctuary from the profane view. The mysteries revealed in this book can lead the receptive student in the right direction. The clues “hidden between the lines” reveal hidden connections to the initiated. The aspirant receives a structured and comprehensive system, which is available for the first time in this form outside of a mystery school.

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