Geburah – Power

Geburah – Power

Mars Kabbala GeburahGeburah – Power- The consciousness of the root 

Geburah stands for severity, strength, fear and justice. In the Torah, fear symbolizes reverence for the Lord, which is described as a desirable virtue. 

The planet Mars is assigned to Geburah. Mars is a god of war in mythology. The power of Mars is a powerful energy that can destroy and lead to tyranny and violence. The old must be destroyed so that the new can arise. Geburah is the fifth path of the 32 paths of wisdom and stands for root intelligence, because it is rooted in Binah, the foundation of primordial wisdom. It is the strong divine justice that judges everything, the Sephirah of order, the unbounded truth that symbolizes the necessary severity of the law. Geburah counteracts the constructive expansive power of Chesed. It is the correction so that a harmonious form can emerge. 

As the fifth Sephirah on the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, Geburah also symbolizes the life force. It sits on the left column of Boas under Binah (mind) and above Hod (splendor, majesty). Together with Chesed and Tiphareth, it forms the second triad on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, representing the soul world (Briah). 

This sphere pushes the false king from the throne and frees him from the false view of his own will. Self-will is first associated with the biblical figure of Cain and is responsible for identifying with a personal, separate ego that has its own will. This will of one’s own tends to be arrogant, which makes one unsympathetic and leads to separation from God, the world and other people. One feels superior to others and wants to take advantage of everything. 

This delusion of self-will is responsible for evil, including the Tower of Babel. Evil exists and it is our task to transform evil into good. However, as soon as man realizes that his spiritual template is responsible for the earthly world, he will change his mind and see the external situations as the effect of a cause that he himself has initiated and that is directly connected to him. In the sphere of Geburah the masks fall. All false certainties, all false morals, all lies are destroyed by the lightning of knowledge. This disappointing experience can be very painful. 

Freedom means to be free from self-will, i.e. the energy of birth must be balanced. Such a person is righteous, he executes God’s law, and his judgment is just. True Will is a Cosmic Power, something other than a personal quality, and is inexhaustibly available to us. In the initial stages of our spiritual path, it seems to us that we are making progress through our own efforts and will. If we accept the reality that our will is an aspect of Universal Will, the power of the universe will consciously flow through us and then we will realize that our progress on the path was caused by the gentle pull of a good-natured hand from above.

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