Hermetically Kabbalistic Way

Hermetically Kabbalistic Way

The hermetic-kabbalistic path of development

The hermetic-kabbalistic mystery path is a path of return and offers many possibilities for further development and transformation. We learn to view and understand the interrelationships of life from a different perspective.

When man incarnates again and again in the wheel of fate according to the law of cause and effect, he uses the body as a vehicle, setting causes, and again and again experiences different life circumstances and effects.

If at some point a person deals with the fundamental questions of life—where do I come from, what is the meaning of life, why do I always get into certain life situations and circumstances, how can I cope better with my life and solve the problems, what is my purpose, how can I develop further—then he often goes on a search and begins to follow spiritual paths.

When a person develops the inner willingness to change and develop, to balance himself, to work on himself and feel an inner call—then he is usually led to the gates of a mystery school at some point. There he gets the opportunity to deal with the basic topics of life.

In the Hermetic Academy those interested in spirituality have the possibility to take the hermetic-kabbalistic path step by step. This school of mystery preserves the timeless teachings of the Western mystery tradition, whose roots go back to the traditional initiation lines of the Rosicrucians and Martinists.

The basic courses in the Hermetic Academy form a good foundation for the advanced courses. The teaching system in this mystery school is based on three pillars: study, meditation and ritual. From the first lesson, the courses include hermetic-kabbalistic teaching. Step by step, you are guided along this path. The Western mystery tradition is an authentic path of return.

The initiation stages of this hermetic-kabbalistic path of initiation follow the tradition of hermetic kabbalah, the Tree of Life. This is a safe and proven path of great importance, which has already been taken by previous, more highly developed people. As a result, everything has already been presented, exemplified and prepared along the way.

Little by little, knowledge changes our viewpoint, and we go through various transformation processes and gain more insights into the interrelationships of life. We learn to look at situations from a different perspective and observe where the causes lie. To be led to the gates of a mystery school is a great gift of grace for which we can be very grateful. Here we have the opportunity to develop further and take the path of return. 

Where we are led on this path and how far we follow it is different for everyone who follows it. We go this way not only for ourselves, but also for others, and develop further to serve God and humanity.

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