Hod – Splendour

Hod – Splendour

Kabbala Mental Philosophie8th Sephirah Hod – Splendour – The Consciousness of Perfection

The eighth Sephirah in the Kabbalah, Hod, is called the consciousness of luster or splendor. Hod is assigned to the element water and is placed on the left side of the Kabbalistic tree of life, polar to Netzach. Thoughts correspond to the three aggregate states of water. Hod is the path of ceremonial magic and practical Kabbalah.

In addition, Hod is the sphere of hermeticism and in Hermes’ mythology corresponds to the messenger of the gods or Mercury. Since Mercury is astronomically the closest planet to the Sun, there is a correlation between Hod (Mercury) and Tiphareth (Sun). The light of Tiphareth is reflected in Yesod. The triad of personality is composed of Netzach, Hod and Yesod.

Hod corresponds to the mental sphere and is the center of language, communication, reason and intellect. The virtue of Hod is truthfulness; the vice is falsehood and dishonesty. The color of Hod in our special color scale is orange.

Today, intellect is often overemphasized and overvalued. Through the ability to accumulate knowledge, the intellect is often wrongly conditioned and makes man the slave of the intellect. Everything must be explained by reason and there must be visible, measurable and tangible proof of everything. If, however, the value of the mind is overemphasized, this can lead to emotional poverty in the long run. If the feelings are enslaved by the mind, psychological problems often occur. Nevertheless, the sphere of emotions is one level above the mind in the Tree of Life, since Netzach is chronologically before Hod, even though both spheres are at the same level.

Our school system is currently focused on intellectual training, forgetting the emotional training that should be far more important. Furthermore, the media landscape provides all age groups with bad news and other destructive information. Our subconscious readily absorbs all the information with which it is fed. If we pay special attention to certain thoughts and images, we experience them accordingly in the manifested world.  Through Hod we learn to distinguish and sort out the mental images. An essential exercise in Hod is the conscious choice of inner images and thoughts. However, the root cause of the images lies in Tiphareth, the “image-creating power.” These images are reflected in the sea of the subconscious.

Turning away from God and a lack of intelligence allows man to use his tools destructively. He programs his subconsciousness-computer with strokes of fate, separation and slavery. 

Only when God is a regular component of thinking and the mind is turned to God, then it is transcended into its higher abilities. Until then, arrogance and false identification dominate in the essential areas of life. The infinity of God is too immeasurable to be understood with the limited intellect of the individual.

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