Kether – The Consciousness of the Wonderful

Kether – The Consciousness of the Wonderful

Kether Urwirbel Kabbala1st Sephirah Kether – Crown – The Consciousness of the Wonderful

Kether is the highest Sephirah in the Tree of Life. Translated, Kether means crown. The boundless light, which is a veil behind Kether, has condensed into a center. In order for it to condense, an intention was necessary. This intention was followed by attention and Kether was made possible. From a Kabbalistic point of view, Kether is considered the goal of the spiritual search. Kether is understood as pure divine being. The Sephirah Kether represents “the hidden of all that is hidden” that is completely beyond human comprehension.

In the Tree of Life Kether stands with both Sephiroth Chokmah and Binah following her at the head of a triangle. This triad in its entirety is called Aziluth (archetypal world “nobility, sublimity, fire”). Kether represents the highest element of Aziluth, the first Kabbalistic and completely spiritual conception of three other Kabbalistic world levels called “Briah” (creative world), “Jetzirah” (shaping world) and “Assiah” (material world).

The I AM, the boundless light behind Kether, is the first movement around which everything revolves like a wheel and in whose middle the spiral stands still.

Malkuth is the opposite form of Kether. Kether is the cause and origin of creation. Malkuth is manifested creation. Kether includes beginning and end, Alpha and Omega or Aleph and Tav. Hebrew letters are letters that make up creation. The creative process begins with the letter Beth. Beth is about focused attention. Letters have a relation to numbers. Numbers are the idea of the expression, e.g. a Sephirah. Kether is assigned the number 1, which stands for the unity, the origin, the purpose of all life and the purpose of creation.

There are four Kabbalistic worlds, and above them a fifth: that of archetypal man, Adam Kadmon.

From the higher spiritual worlds come the material worlds. Adam Kadmon is the creator of manifestation. The number 1 in the Tarot also corresponds to the mage, which stands for concentration. Through concentrated attention comes manifestation.

Three paths start from Kether: one path goes to the Divine Father, the other to the Divine Mother, the third to the Divine Son. The spiritual family emerges from Kether as a simultaneous act of creation. Binah, Chokmah and Tiphareth symbolize the Trinity.

The goal of creation is to produce good and giving. The Creator constantly gives and therefore needs a vessel that can receive. Man is such a vessel, for God’s favor can only be expressed if something exists which can receive it. Since man only wanted to experience pleasure for himself, he fell from the Garden of Eden. This is the beginning of self-interest. The task of man is again to consciously learn to give, so that he may return to the lost paradise.

Every day there are conflicts between the light and dark forces that have to be mastered. Every unawakened person is self-interested. The more a person lets himself be controlled by the evil forces, the more painful his experiences that follow. But suffering is the quickest way to learn, because suffering is in reality a higher blessing. Suffering humbles us and makes us realize that God is the source of our life.

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