Malkuth – Kingdom

Malkuth – Kingdom

Kabbala Erde Malkuth10th Sephirah Malkuth – Kingdom – The Consciousness of Shine

The tenth Sephirah in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is Malkuth. It is a special Sephirah. Here all other spheres and paths converge, because everything flows in from above.  It by itself stands for the sensually experienceable physical world (Assiah). In Malkuth, the upper spheres change into their elementary qualities.Therefore, Malkuth is represented in four different colors, which symbolize the elements water, fire, air and earth.

This Sephirah contains all the knowledge and information of the Tree of Life. Macrocosmically, Malkuth represents the Garden of Eden and the entire universe, microcosmically the physical body, the Temple of Adonai. When considered in that light, Malkuth is the fruit of the Tree and the result of all other Sephiroth. Thus the material sphere is the product of the nine spheres behind it.

In the material world we reap what we have sown. What we experience here on earth is the subject to the law of cause and effect. Thus Malkuth is a classroom in the school of life.

Since Malkuth stands for the material manifestation that can be experienced in matter, it is possible, for example, to experience through the body which spiritual processes work in the vehicle. Those who have learned to understand the signs can establish the connection between the material world and the higher world and thus recognize the underlying cause.  The physical body is held together by our consciousness. When the physical body is left through the process of death, the individual elements disintegrate because their function as human vehicles is fulfilled. 

Another example of Malkuth would be money. Problems related to the stream of money or financial wellbeing can, for example, give an indication of how much it is trusted in the flow of life. 

The material, experienceable world is an expression of the reality behind it and not of the reality itself. Malkuth teaches us to take responsibility for our own lives.

The Earth is the crowning glory of the manifestation. The Sephirah Kether is in Malkuth, just as Malkuth is in Kether—the highest is in the lowest and the lowest in the highest, only in another form.

Malkuth in the kabbalistic tree of life expands just as the universe expands. Since our mind is infinite, the material level also expands infinitely. As soon as something is infinite, it can therefore only be in a constant expansion. Mind and matter are directly interrelated. Everything that appears on earth is already present on the spiritual level.

Malkuth is the kingdom of the king, namely the dominion of the celestial man Adam Kadmon. This kingdom with all its diversity and potential is given into the care of man. In order to be able to control this kingdom, man must first take up the role intended for him once more so that he can understand and fulfill his tasks here on earth.

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