Netzach – Victory

Netzach – Victory

Kabbala Mystik Symbole7th Sephirah Netzach – Victory – The Consciousness of Hiddenness

The seventh Sephirah of the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, Netzach, means victory, eternity or vitality, because Netzach is the source of victorious inspiration, the Green or Celtic Ray and is assigned to the sphere of thoughts and desires. Netzach is the principle of creative artistic thinking. Arranged on the right side of the Tree of Life, directly below Chesed (Mercy), Netzach marks the continuation of the steady action of mental-spiritual forces into the world, with the clear intention of winning victories and effecting progress.

The archetype of Netzach is a feminine aspect in manifestation—Aphrodite and Venus. These goddesses of love illustrate the nature of man’s desires. Desires are a necessity of human nature. Through love, desires and wisdom, man will experience growth. They are indispensable and a deciding factor in the success of spiritual progress. Netzach is assigned to the element fire and is the motor of motivation.

Netzach as a Sephirah of feeling and creativity is also called “occult intelligence.” Occult means hidden, secret or mysterious. All inspirations emanate from this sphere, which are not only given to the artist, but to every creatively active person. Netzach, which belongs to the element fire, is an active Sephirah. When in creative activities the fiery power is felt and blazes, this is the fiery and creative energy of Netzach. This longing for fulfillment can take many different forms; depending on the stage of development of the person it can bring suffering or redemption.

There are essential differences in the quality of longing. The immature human being is a servant of his passions, often caused by failure and weakness. He is anxious to satisfy his ego by trying to gain power and control over his fellow human beings and situations. This inevitably leads to suffering. The Kabbalist, on the other hand, is a permeable channel through which God’s intention comes into fulfillment. Like Christ, he carries out the higher will. His correct behavior allows him to experience the world completely. For him, the scene taking place on the stage of life is secondary. True authority comes from identification with the higher self, everything else only leads to inflation of the ego. The Kabbalist knows which sanctions result in misguided patterns.

In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah Netzach comes first and only then the Sephirah Hod follows, which means that the emotional impulse comes before the thought. Every human being basically has all spheres within him/herself; however, they express themselves with different levels of intensity in every human being. Women have more access to Netzach and men more to Hod. In the course of evolution a harmonization of the personality aspects takes place. Then the higher consciousness incarnates.

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