Tiphareth – Beauty

Tiphareth – Beauty

Kabbala Jesus Messias Tiphareth6th Sephirah Tiphareth – Beauty – The Consciousness of Mediation

Tiphareth stands for beauty, splendor, and glorification and is the sixth Sephirah in the Tree of Life of Kabbalah. It forms the center and brings about harmony and balance. Tiphareth is assigned the color yellow. Yellow symbolizes the superconsciousness. Together with Chesed (grace, compassion), the cosmic memory and Geburah (austerity), the power that builds, it forms the middle triad of the Tree of Life, which expresses the individuality, the true self or the true essence of man. Our true, authentic self is always present.

But this original self is concealed by a wealth of conditioning, that is, deep-rooted habits of thought and behavior. The lower Sephiroth Malkuth, Yesod, Hod and Netzach must first be brought into harmony, or in other words, the vehicle or personality of the individual must be purified so that the sun consciousness can be born in Tiphareth. Since the hermetic path to Tiphareth involves the Sephiroth Hod and Netzach, this path is, as it were, richer than the mystical path. In addition, the sphere of thoughts and feelings must be mastered.

On the mystical path the High Self can be experienced more quickly, but this experience is not permanent. The hermetic path, in which the mastery of Hod and Netzach play an essential role, strives, in contrast to the mystical path, for a permanent change so that Tiphareth consciousness can be experienced permanently.

The hermetic Kabbalist becomes the conscious ruler of the four elements. Through regular meditation, changes occur in the subconscious realm. This leads to the purification of the behavior patterns in the personal subconscious. The light of Tiphareth can then be clearly reflected in Yesod.

Tiphareth is assigned the image-creating ability. Here we find the healing vision about the goal of creation. People in whom Christ- or sun-consciousness has unfolded have a healing atmosphere. Their presence redeems and heals the wounds. The sun has a consciousness called Christ-consciousness. Here caution is necessary, because some students confuse the biblical figure of Jesus of Nazareth with Christ. Christ is the consciousness that Jesus could experience.

Love for all beings can only flow freely when the emotional nature has been harmonized. Now the adept recognizes the beauty of the divine expression in all circumstances of life. Inner serenity in all situations of life is the pleasant consequence, which is the reward for an initially uncomfortable way in which there are many lies to eliminate.

The hermetic path is a royal path that brings with it a sense of responsibility. Some training systems confuse psychic powers with spiritual powers, but the Kabbalist has both psychic and spiritual powers. The psychic powers are a byproduct of the Kabbalistic path, but the spiritual powers are primarily important.

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