Wisdom of the Kabbalah

Wisdom of the Kabbalah

The ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah

The teaching of the Kabbalah gives us extensive knowledge of the spiritual worlds and their laws. The person who deals with the teachings of Kabbalah learns about himself, his true nature and his meaning in life. Thus, ancient wisdom ultimately leads to an understanding of the meaning of life.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom. It gives answers to the most important questions of man’s existence. For many centuries man has been searching for a logical explanation of his existence and the goal of creation with the help of scientific methods, in which man examined the laws of nature.

However, the soul of man and the motivation of his actions are beyond purely scientific research. Kabbalah is the science that is very close to man, because it answers the fundamental questions of man. What is the meaning of life, why do we exist and come to this world, what is our origin and where do we go when our path here is finished?

The Kabbalist has access to all these answers in this life. Thus the Kabbalah is a method of understanding the spiritual worlds and thus also our world, whereby our world is only a reflection of the spiritual world (macrocosm/microcosm). On the one hand, the teaching gives us extensive knowledge of the spiritual worlds; on the other hand, the study of this wisdom, the writings and symbols develops inner growth, knowledge and wisdom within us and brings us into contact with the HIGHER ORDER, with the POWER OF CREATION. We change our consciousness and attain inner growth and open and approach the HIGHER.

Man thus learns more about himself, about his nature, his being, and understands which corrections he has to make, which changes are necessary. All this happens first in his inner world. These changes are of great importance, as they are ultimately positively reflected in his outer world, in his life circumstances.

The Kabbalah deals with the laws of “TRUE BEING” and recognizes “APPEARANCE,” for the outer appearance is transient and is based on so-called illusory teachings.

For thousands of years the true Kabbalists have had more insight into creation, into the causes of all being, than the profane materialistic researchers, who derive their findings solely from the limited senses. The Kabbalah gives us a system that classifies the different worlds and levels that precede the appearances of the material planes.

Kabbalah defines the true value of man, the extent to which he frees himself from the painful selfishness and the means by which he achieves it. Through the light of Kabbalah, man can realize a higher consciousness and knowledge of the divine purpose of creation, of the meaning and purpose of life, as well as of his life’s purpose.

Kabbalah expresses the quest for the HIGHER, to receive the higher knowledge of the true worldview. Kabbalah is wisdom and leads to understanding the meaning of life.

Kabbalah is the ancient wisdom that ultimately leads the true seeker back to his spiritual home.

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