Yesod – Foundation

Yesod – Foundation

Kabbala Psychologie Unterbewusstsein9th Sephirah Yesod – Foundation – The Awareness of Purity

The ninth Sephirah, Yesod (Foundation) is microcosmically assigned to the subconscious and macrocosmically to the astral level. Yesod is the sphere of nature and is called the treasure house of images. All collective symbols and experiences are stored here.

Yesod is also the animal soul. This soul is called NEPHESCH. In the English translation one finds the terms body, animal or being. Soul, breath or wind is more appropriate. Yesod is the sphere of air; the corresponding color is violet in this color scale.

Yesod is the gateway to the inner world, the shadow world, the underworld and dreams. It is the gateway to the mystical experience and corresponds to the symbol of the moon and the qualities of moon goddesses such as Artemis, Hecate, Isis and Diana. The subconscious is below the human perception. Here lie the fears and the greatest illusions. On the physical level, it regulates the automatic functions such as heartbeat, breathing and digestion—programs that keep us alive. But reaction patterns such as climbing stairs, driving a car, cycling etc. can also be stored.

Once we have learned to drive a car, we no longer think about how the individual processes work in order to control the car. After a certain period of practice, it becomes a subconscious pattern. Everything you practice intensively is taken over by the subconscious as a model or template.

The daily consciousness that we experience as here and now is called self-awareness. Man has the ability to reflect and can intervene. The level above is the superconscious; this sphere is God. The self-awareness has no access to this. The Trinity is the interplay of nature (subconsciousness), man (self-awareness) and God (superconsciousness). On the subconscious level this unity of God, man and nature is present—that we are always connected to everything. Kabbalah strives to make this existing wholeness experienceable on a conscious level.

Yesod reflects the great light of the spiritual sun, which has its seat in Tiphareth. The task which Yesod involves is to recognize that what is going on outside is a mirror of what is latent in the subconscious. You are confronted with exactly that which you do not wish to see.

This can lead to many disappointments because deceptions are destroyed. Everyone wants to see himself as good, noble, beautiful and just. When insights are derived from malignant patterns, they need to be transformed by setting new behavioral patterns. Thus, the subconscious gradually adopts the new templates, which in turn become apparent in the surroundings.

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